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Feb 17 2018

New England Cord Blood Bank Reviews

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New England Cord Blood Bank Reviews

Good company for experience in both science and business positions.

On the lab side, you will have a thorough experience working in a lab in a purely results-driven industry. Lab management is top notch and will make sure you learn everything necessary and are readily available for additional advice.

As for corporate, think of this place as a resume-builder. Turnover has always been high but has recently slowed down. Many positions offer exposure to a variety of departments, rather than the isolation and narrow range of tasks in positions of larger companies

The pay is mediocre at best and there is little concern for incentive and advancement. This seems to be the result of older management that seems to be content with staying in the Dark Ages. Also, training is informal and sink or swim, though I wasn t entirely against this method.

Advice to Management

Pay your temps and full time employees better, and start to take a hint from more progressive companies. You cannot expect someone to be motivated to perform if you pay them chump change. With more Gen Y s entering the workplace, you should realize that candidates will only do as much as they re paid to do. For us, company loyalty is just another term for slavery. We re not interested in settling when the internet has made it possible to see just how much more money we could be making elsewhere.

Good people work here, and when management lets people do their jobs, things go smoothly. Everyone is always willing to help each other.

Owners and managers are short sighted. They do not care about their employees. Pay is low and workload is high. Owners have strange rules that are too demanding on everyday people, like no cell phones allowed except on breaks. The turnover is ridiculous. So many people leave or are let go, especially good people. Owners are living in the dark ages and have no plan on how to grow the company. They don t care if good people leave. They are cruel to those who work hard.

Advice to Management

Start listening to employees who are good. pay them better so that they stay. Let the small stuff slide. Things are way too tense in the office. Stop with the turnover. You cannot build a good team when people leave all the time. Expect more of your employees only if you are willing to reward them financially and with recognition. Take management classes or advice from more successful companies. Understand that most work with good intentions and should not have strikes against them due to past trust issues.

nothing postiive to say about this company

I worked at New England Cord Blood Bank and I recommend anyone to NOT apply there, they don;t pay well they start with $13hr for a iNternational Accounting Assistant with college degree, the managers absolutely suck they use people EVERY EMPLOYEE. The CFO is NOT PROFESSIONAL actually none of them are they look and smile at you but then turn around and talk about to EVERYONE who tried to work there the use them then they interview other people right in front of them wait for the week to end and have the AGENCY not personal but the agency call you to let you know that you don t need to come back. when you have no idea why when you think you are doing a good job they tell you are doing a good job then they fire you. They DO NOT want people to ask for raises or ask to become perminant if they do THEY WILL fire you. THE WORST PLACE I VE EVER WORKED.

Advice to Management

be more respectful to your employees and value them. dont treat them like peace of dirt and like the CFO says everyone is replacable

Quality of management
UPromised raises (for 4.5 years)
No future growth
No outside marketing compared to competition

Advice to Management

In this day and age marketing is a must! Especially with the amount ViaCord and Cbr do. Management needs to step out of the box and grow. Listening to employees is important. After all they are the ones dealing on a daily basis with customers, doctors, etcetera. the quality of management hired is low or the good ones figure it out and don t last. If you want a good team you have to hire and expect to pay a good team. Very old owners that want to expand but don t want to help if it takes money.

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